Qualified Retirement Plan Experience

Investment offerings are the cornerstone of any retirement plan. How the investments are monitored and reviewed is a critical component of plan management. We provide you with access to independent fiduciary tools to help you identify a diversified and cost-effective portfolio of investment offerings consistent with your plan’s written investment policies.

Although our plan investment monitoring and review process is important, our true value lies in the holistic approach we take to plan education that focuses comprehensively on issues of compliance, cost, administration, and participant education.

As an independent advisor, our goal is not to convert your plan, but rather to work with your current structure to seek to improve the plan you have in place. To assist in maintaining cost/value efficiencies, we will consistently benchmark your plan’s record-keeping fees. We will also keep you abreast of the ever-changing landscape of rules and regulations that you face as a plan sponsor and fiduciary.

An effective retirement plan can encourage employee participation and attract top talent to a company.

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