The Cowles Group creates better outcomes through careful planning and intelligent investing. Our investment management approach is based on the following:

Like an endowment manager The Cowles Group’s principal investment approach utilizes a manager of manager’s concept. The Cowles Group, as an investment adviser, sets the investment policy, determines the asset allocation and manages the portfolio in accordance with the planned objective for the specific account.

The Cowles Group hires third-party, world-class investment managers to make the day-to-day investment selections of portfolio securities. Currently, The Cowles Group has over 25 carefully selected investment managers (because no single manager is the best at managing every asset class) consisting of separately managed discretionary mandates, ETF’s and mutual funds. Using a core/satellite approach The Cowles Group can utilize multiple managers in a single portfolio with each manager playing a specific role complementary to each other. These managers diversify the fund composition, control investment risks and provide exposure to a broader set of investment opportunities than what might otherwise be available using a single manager approach.

After an investment manager is hired and added to a portfolio, ongoing due diligence consists of periodic reviews. Periodic reviews of each manager include documentation of any changes in the firm’s investment staff, investment process or portfolios. On a monthly basis the manager’s performance and risk characteristics are monitored.

To summarize I would analogize our approach to that of a quarterback in football. It is the quarterback’s responsibility to know the assignment and role of every player, that said the quarterback can’t do all the blocking, running and catching. When we establish an investment strategy and policy in concert with a collaboratively developed financial/retirement plan we quarterback the entire process constantly reevaluating and working toward the desired outcome.

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*no strategy can assure success or protect against loss